• Ribbons are sublimated only from one side

  • Material 100% PES

  • Ribbons can be printed with any sufficiently high-quality graphics or photography, but most often we use our own cartoons

  • Unlimited color range

  • Due to the production method, the real ribbon may differ slightly from the demonstration. Also, we may not be able to guarantee the same color if you order ribbons from the same theme after a long time.

  • Ribbons are color fast, they can be washed up to 40 ° C



Available widths + price per 1m with standard design:


1.5cm - 2.5 €

2cm - 2.8 €

2.5cm - 3 €

4cm - 4.3 €

Softshell A3 - 6€



SR 2,5 €
EU 4 €


Custom graphics (dog name, phone, other dog picking, as a standard motif, ...) + 5 € regardless of ribbon length

Do not forget to include any surcharges for graphics according to the price list.



Are you a dog owner, a trainer, do you have puppies, or do you organize an event and want a collar or toys exactly according to your ideas? You can order ribbons directly or contact your favorite manufacturer. Don't know any yet? Try one of the verified people we work with.

Please write in the order:


  1. ribbon dimensions (length and width)

  2. color according to the standard swatch (other color design is possible upon agreement, but for atypical colors, the real ribbon may differ slightly from the example)

  3. ribbon background according to the swatch (for example 7 on the left)

  4. ribbon motif : standard, where it is enough to state the breed, breed with its own text (name, phone), own motif, which must be described in detail


You will receive a preview of the graphics for approval before printing the ribbon. This demo can be edited once for free. So if you are not sure about the design, please write all the alternatives at the beginning so that we can send you all at once. However, a maximum of 3.

The third and further modifications of the graffiti will be charged as another custom graphic + 5 €.





If you have your own graphic from which you want to print ribbons, please download our template with instructions for preparing documents for printing .

It is necessary to adhere to the dimensions for the individual widths of the ribbons, to place the graphics correctly and not to forget the correct export of fonts or transparency.

For the best possible printing effect, it is ideal to send the documents in curves (pdf, cdr., ai.) or in a the best resolution of bitmap formats (jpg., Png.)


As with our graphics, we make view samples from the documents you send.

We do not press ribbons without approval.

We look forward to your designs.




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